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Nashville: The South’s New Metropolis

For many, the appearance of Nashville in a list of major American cities is a surprise. Not to Mayor Karl Dean or to his long-time associate, journalist Michael Cass. Both anticipated its worldwide recognition as one of our leading urban centers. In these pages, they have documented the manifold developments that have transformed this burgeoning region into an economic and cultural powerhouse.

Greenville’s Grand Design

Transformation can, indeed, take place in an old river city. Greenville’s Grand Design, guides you through the events that made Greenville, South Carolina the city it is today.
An abundance of full-color images, document the change and revitaliztion, providing evidence that no detail was left to chance when transforming this former mill town into a destination location for businesses, tourists, and families looking for the perfect place to land.

Columbia: City of Rivers, Vistas and Dreams

Wait…could it be that you have heard that it’s “famously hot” in Columbia? Located, by design, in the very core of South Carolina—the Midlands, as they say here—Columbia’s sub-tropic locale definitely intensifies the heat factor.
But to see what really makes this place “hot”, you’ll need only to travel its highways and side streets where you land upon an abundance of lush public parks, sparkling cool rivers that spill into the heart of the city, art museums and a zoo and public gardens comparable to those in cities much larger and, allegedly, more urbane.