Highland Greenway Park Opening event on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Creating Transformational Projects

Austin native Matt Whelan founded RedLeaf Properties in 2009 as a real estate developer focusing on projects that would deliver significant community benefit. Rob Shands and Bryan Kaminski joined the firm soon after and continued its goal of blending a creative, entrepreneurial approach with corporate discipline.

A decade after its founding, the RedLeaf team continues to excel at working in partnership with public entities to create large-scale, mixed-use projects that include vibrant commercial districts and inviting residential neighborhoods. The firm’s projects are known for creating remarkable experiences, setting new standards for sustainability, and delivering tangible and intangible value for the full range of project stakeholders.

Highland Mall redevelopment

“We understand the intricacies of public-private partnerships,” Whelan states. “We have robust experience navigating the fast-paced private real estate markets as well as the demanding requirements and transparency required by public agencies. Our entrepreneurial mindset gives us the flexibility to address the unique needs of both the private and public sectors, while our disciplined development approach enables us to navigate demanding planning and reporting requirements.

“Where others see challenges, we see possibility. We pursue development opportunities where we can unlock value and deliver long-term community benefits using creative, locally tailored approaches. We understand the value of meaningful experiences and personal connections and recognize their potential to energize individuals and encourage engagement. With this in mind, we create sustainable, inclusive places that support healthy lifestyles and strengthen communities.”

Fontaine Plaza Park

A Distinctive Signature

RedLeaf’s principals have acquired a unique depth of experience by executing projects totaling more than five million square feet and covering over 3,300 acres. Together, their experience includes a wide spectrum of property types which are home to thousands of residents, thriving retail, corporate headquarters, government buildings, hospitals, colleges and universities.

Among the firm’s most notable projects is the redevelopment of Highland Mall. The project is the adaptive re-use and redevelopment of Austin’s first enclosed regional mall. RedLeaf led the effort to form a public-private partnership with Austin Community College to acquire and redevelop this important community asset. The award-winning project’s development team worked closely with stakeholders and community leaders to create a project that benefits residents throughout the region, supports surrounding neighborhoods, protects the environment, and honors the site’s history.

RedLeaf’s efforts led to an “Overall Winner” award from the Austin Business Journal and an “Innovation Award” from the Urban Land Institute.

“RedLeaf Properties is a visionary firm that treats developments as more than just projects,” noted Dr. Richard Rhodes, the President and CEO of Austin Community College. “They seek to create properties that are sustainable and well-loved by the community.”