Rudy and Melissa Garza.

Partnering With Austin

While Rudy Garza continues to serve as President and CEO of the company he founded in Austin in 2012, he credits his family for being his inspiration and support. “Although my father never made it big or had a very elaborate business model, he went from being a migrant worker to owning his own roofing company until the day he died,” Rudy explained.

“I have always been inspired by what he was able to accomplish. I know he struggled and had difficult times, but through all his efforts and dedication, he made it work and he was very good at it.” Garza also credits his wife, Melissa, with being his “coach, confidant, and biggest partner in establishing and growing the firm.”

That growth has been impressive. Garza EMC is a civil engineering firm providing design consulting for land development as well as design of public works infrastructure. Headquartered in Austin with two offices in the capital city, the firm covers all the major markets in Texas with offices in Houston and San Antonio.

Rudy’s treasure is absolutely his family. His daily motivation, all the joy in his life, comes from his family. Pictured here are Rudy and Melissa’s daughters, grandchildren, and sons-in-law’s, enjoying life and being silly.

Since its inception, Garza’s focus has been to establish genuine, authentic relationships with each and every client that looks to them for the highest quality professional services. The underlying goal is to make sure that those clients understand that Garza professionals are truly their partner in their project and not just a professional convenience.

Those professionals work to get to know their clients, their goals, objectives, what works for them and what doesn’t, and earn their trust. The Garza team members are recognized experts in the industry. They work hard to ensure that they are providing not only the highest quality technical services, but remaining focused on their commitment to ensuring the successful completion of each project entrusted to them by their clients.

That focus and their client-oriented approach has led to Garza’s growth and success.

Josh Villarreal supporting the annual Salvation Army Rock the Red Kettle. Garza Team Members giving back.

A Trusted Partner

Following a 23-year career in the public sector, with the last 20 of those years in city government, Rudy Garza felt he was prepared for the next chapter in his professional life. Garza served as Assistant City Manager for the City of Austin and had a first-hand opportunity to witness the true entrepreneurial spirit of the city. “Local businesses are sincerely recognized as a true benefit and value in Austin,” Rudy stated, “and I felt there was no better place to get started.”

Rudy’s parents, Raul and Asteria Garza. Although both have passed, they continue to inspire Rudy today.

As a business owner, Garza quickly recognized his number one asset. “It is undoubtedly our team members,” he states. “In order to deliver a successful project to our clients, we must begin with taking care of our employees. Our focus has been, and remains today, ensuring our employees have an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, respected, have the ability to grow and develop, and have FUN! Our corporate culture is one where we truly support the entire person and recognize and understand that there is so much to every person. They can offer their life experiences to help us all be better at what we do. I feel privileged to have a great group of associates onboard, and I am grateful every day to be surrounded by some really awesome people.”

Those team members have completed some of Austin’s most impressive landmarks:

  • Dell Seton Hospital
  • Austin State Hospital
  • Schwab corporate campus
  • New Travis County Courthouse
  • Austin FC Major League Soccer Stadium
  • University of Texas Medical School
  • Two corporate campuses for a major international technology company
  • State of Texas Capital Complex
  • Austin Energy Headquarters
  • Multiple K12 schools serving the community

Team Garza rebuilding the boardwalk for the Austin Nature and Science Center.

Giving Something Back

Rudy and his team lead by example in their commitment to give something back to the community that has been their home. “We are truly grateful and appreciative for all the opportunities we have been provided to be successful, and we feel we have an obligation to give back to the community,” Rudy points out. “This obligation guides us to help various charitable organizations, but also to stay involved in the issues and matters that are impacting our community, such as school bonds, transportation plans, economic development policies, employment policies, and many others.

Team Garza at the Water for People Volleyball Tournament.

“Our team is involved in many local organizations, including the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate Council of Austin, Leadership Austin, and the Salvation Army. While we support many great charitable organizations in the area, we have decided that we can make the biggest impact by focusing the majority of our financial and people resources to the Salvation Army.

“Working on major projects in the area has given us the opportunity to impact our community, and I consider those opportunities as a gift.”