Chattanooga’s Heroic Drive

With an introduction by Senator Bob Corker

Chattanooga has emerged as one a handful of medium sized cities regularly cited worldwide as among the most progressive in planning and shaping its future. Almost unique among its peer communities, its arts, business and industry work hand-in-hand for the good of the city and each of its valued citizens.

Nestled snugly between a scenic river and majestic mountains, Chattanooga has long had a prime geographic position on the national landscape. Its location, resources and diverse population drew business and industry early in America’s western expansion; however, along with the blessings of business came a plethora of social and environmental issues that, without vision and leadership, could have plunged the city into the depths of despair so deep it might have survived only as a dark footnote to the industrial irresponsibility of a bygone era.

The transition of this Smoky Mountain city was neither quick nor magic. It is the result of dedication, foresight and leadership with both the financial and political clout, not to mention stamina, to make things happen. From building bridges to luring Volkswagen manufacturing to Chattanooga, this is most assuredly the History of a Renaissance.